Sunday, 11 May 2014 //

Well first thing first, Alhamdulillah. uncle dah ada baby boy baru, wahh, jazak allah khair for the family :) Andddddddd I just failed my jpj test, well that wouldn't bring me down. Idk why during that time nak tukar dari gear tiga ke gear empat and my stereng just u noe ikut the motion and pergi left and right, psht terus fail. I think it was sebab I was memandu secara bahaya? haha writing made me laughed remembering that time again. That man was nice tho, fair deal. I'll do better next time well, that next time is on this thursday tho.. in sha allah, i'll pass these time *nekad* lagi apa lagi ye, haa, i actually escape from everyone recently. lol, i can't handle them. I need to change to be a better person. A better muslim actually. Oh and uwh, I read a story by FireLightt, its on wattpad, wait let me google the novel, okay the loading was sure long.. wait up im logging in, lol, idk why im writing these down... it still loads, haiyaa, well its still loading so... well the online novel really struck me good. The author teaches me islam and muslim culture. Its basically great. I also learned what love in islam, so, its more a novel full of knowledge rahter than lusty romance novel. Oh, you know what i mean, haha. There, I really enjoyed these. I'm finishing this one first and then keep reading, her other works. Salam Asar, everyone :)