Tuesday, 25 March 2014 //

Try and close your eyes, try to imagine with me.

All you can see is blue arena of air above, an arena in which the mammoth clouds and white wisps could not win a race against a tortoise. Flocks of clouds, like sheep being herded, float across the sky. Between them, beams of sunlight reach down, like fingers they caress the Earth. You feel calm with the presence of the wide skies, where rays of sunshine bounce on forever, No horizon. No depth. You are flying. You feel free. A feeling as though you're as light as air, non-entrapped by worries. You even make a loop de loop in the middle of the sky. You feel free. You are heading somewhere, somewhere where the wind will blows you. Suddenly, the wind stops blowing, it's like the world circling around you. You are paralyzed in shock and that sudden rush of adrenaline as you let yourself fall, fall and fall. You feel as though your life just flashed before your eyes while you struggle to catch your breath. Now open your eyes, do you feel that feeling of falling? that terror?

Okay, now, read this paragraph and shut your eyes again, you are in an ocean. The ocean that we-all knew, it always feels like gazing on stars, you can imagine eternity. The taste of salt when you lick your lips after a bath on the beach. The smells of air, which is fresh and clean. It feels like a loving embrace as the small wave rushes towards us and the sound was like a lullaby. But this is difference. The depth was never a feet-touched. The waves was never calm and the height of the wave can be as tall as you. Plus, even if you keep trying to spun your neck 360 degree, there will be no land to be seen.You feel cold. You don't feel the air anymore. Every inch of your body shivers. It feels like an electric shock, Goosebumps slithered up your arms and legs, like a snake. You could even feel your mouth quivering and your body shivering vigorously. You tried to paddle from right to left but you can't. Its hard. Its cold. Even, your heart pumps fast. Now, you are completely numb.

Okay, now, open your eyes again, and blink. Do you feel it? Can you imagine it? Is your answer is a yes? What if, you were really there? Okay now, do you think its the end? Now, read the whole paragraph and try to close your eyes again. Cold surrounds you, you feel moist and cold. You start remembering one of the movies were the people attempted to peer out of the glass window but the cold from outside had created a fog, making it difficult. The people in the movies will stepped outside of the house and into the frigid air and felt the cold seep into his body which chilling his bones, as he exhales and watches his breath turn the cold morning air white or maybe like one of those days, during rainy season, you felt cold and you just wanted to go to bed and sleep but only this time you can't exhale nor inhale, anymore or slept without your blanket to keep you warm. You are sleeping and waiting. Even it will take a week, or a month, or even a decade. You will patiently wait for your blanket. Waiting for a hero to come and carry you to your bed, sang you a lullaby, while admiring the warmth of the sunshine that shone on you.

Now, open your eyes and look around.
Who are you?
Where are you?
Are you fine?
How are you?
please come back MH370