Thursday, 15 May 2014 //

Assalamualaikum, and salam zuhur minna-san!

Yayyyyy alhamdulillah, im over with my nightmare of failing my JPJ test last week and totally over with it now. Omg, the tense of failing this was absurd, I feel like I was run over by a tractor. Well, it was worth it anyway. Andddd I had a really great dream too but I was so 'gelabah' this morning and rushed to bath and did fajr, it really bothers me a lot when I forgot what I dreamt, because I often remember half of it or some parts of my dream. After fajr, I made myself toast with a lot of planta and sugar. Totally need to be high for this. I was sleepy before when I failed, last week. Really need this eyes to work it out for today. Then, there's a honk outside, guess my bro is back from sending my little siblings. 

That is when I checked on my driving shoes... idk I find that shoes  comforting and well.. its pretty.. well how do you say its soles tercabut and everything, lmao, so I glued it, haha sad life of  teen jk. Alhamdulillah,  I glue them and its all new. Then, jalan to the what. ?. Do you call hem er.. guard house, ha, that thing. I mean place. Recited, 3 Quls and Al fatihah to cool me down.. watch people with cars, starting their day to search for their rezeki and a couple of late student on their bicycle, eh I mean, their motorcycle. Lol, those dudes seem to be pretty leisure about being late. Ha, life. Then, Teacher Jammie came. Oh gerd, im nervous again. Well, we greet and talked about stuff and her life. Ah, she's a great and lovely person, then we stopped to buy Nasi Lemak. Its her turn to belanja all the Inmaju staffs. Haha, they sure love it. Thenn, I went to that em gathering place? If that is what you called it. Hahah, it was suprising to see a familiar face. Haven't see these people lately. My classmate, obviously and its good to see someone who failed with me before... yay friendss. Gosh, here I am talking about my failure and am proud of it, lool. Then, bila giliran kiteorang, I sent them away with a good luck and a wave saying, bye. Well, its sorta look like a death sign because everyone is literally nervous. I was the last one to move into the car. And yayy, 'laluan 3' again, now I can totally perbaiki my kesilapan during last week since laluan 3 is the easiest but I do get 17/20 tho... I totaly forgot my signal masa naik bukit and pegawai tu tak perasan pun and I put on the signal during last minute and dia terus terperasan and wrote that down, hahaha earth to Afiqah. Good job girl.. *mata ke atas, tangan di bahu* 2 more mistakes and im dedmeat. After finished that, I flipped my hijab in my mind, tak nampak dah dieorang semua. I guess everyone wwent home already and well, I was waiting for my teacher to take me back home. The day was splendid, and I dont mind waiting at all. Hahah ok toodles, haven't done my zuhr yet.