Tuesday, 25 February 2014 //

Just what, is a "friend?"
When do people start calling each other a "friend"? After they've talked for a while? After they took a picture together? After they exchange contact info? Do those guys know the answer?

Just what is a "friend"?

So, I came across a 'stranger' today. I happened to ask the same question, it speaks up, "is it really something you have to define? Friendship is something, that defies both words and logic" After words of explanation from her, like always, I still don't get it but it sure made me remember of all the friends that I made back then, it was wonderful. And I told them words of love, everyday. Friendship occurs when you become comfortable with each other, having the same hobby and stuff, but being comfortable during the worst and good, define friendship the most. Being there for each other, ups and downs. Its lovely.