Wednesday, 16 October 2013 //

Sometimes i feel like im a left hand, not left handed but i feel like im a left hand,
If you think closer, don't you feel that your left hand is pretty useless? The right hand did everything that we wanted to do but how about your left hand? Its not that needed isn't it?
All this time, i never consciously noticed, but now i do. My left hand tend to support everything that i do without noticing but then what does it matter? I don't need to be noticeable in this life. There doesn't need to be a reason to live. In my opinion, if you do good deeds and perform your duty as a Muslim, you've done great. By living in a simple life, we can just be there and support each other as a human. I live as i please. We should let Quran guides us to the right path and face our problems in a right way. And if you feel down and messy inside, its not because everyone has ran away from you, blame yourself, when did the last time you've pray? Don't let the demon conqure you. Do your job, think of what makes you happy and what will make you and others happy. Think of the exact things in which what you need or what you want now, Make decisions and mistakes. It will make you happy and bless. Assalamualaikum.