Saturday, 7 September 2013 //

Dear high school life,
How atrocious were you to come for me, it was lovely painful and hard. Now when its going to be over soon, i wish we all stay together for a while, a moment of holding hands, thanking everyone that we had met, that we had cherish the moment of togetherness with and the one we get trouble with, that moment of sincerity of gratefulness, that moment of bowing down straight to the place that had made us we. Thank you.
There were many lovely memories of decreasing in exam grades, from someone who get As on the first exam to someone who get just an A on the second exam. And we grew up again to someone who kept getting a failure, and a failure and a failure. Then get back up again to strive As. What's more high school life doesn't just teach me how to prepare for an exam. Its life itself. I learn how to stand up when i fall. I learn how to skate. I learn how to socialize. I learn how to be mature. I cry and I understand. I cry and I forgive. I learn about friendship. I learn about other personalities. I learn how hard becoming an adults will be. I learn  that you can't fall in love easily. I learn about myself. I learn that you should never follow the rules a full percent. I learn that the nicest people are someone who you should be aware with. I learn that human are a lonely being. I learn how comforting a word can be. I learn how two is better than one. I learn that when you have no one to turn to, Allah is there. I learn that mistakes are life lessons. I learn that you should never give up with the person who wants to change to a better person. I learn that Islam is peace. There's more to this and I learn all of this from a hundred no a thousand or maybe more. I was inspired, and still am by this people. They teach me about life without them noticing. And to actually end school life... its sad and dreadful at the same time but this moment that had been lingered in my head, i will treasure this.

Thank you dear school life.