Wednesday, 16 October 2013 //

Sometimes, I don't think we need to reprimand someone mistakes, there's no need to argue. But if they don't realise those mistake, we might should had remind them so that they will have a thought about it and do it in front of them, so they will opened up with your honest thought and think about it, but then by posting it unconditionally about your thought and what nots online about someone, that might had add the fire to the oil. Remind them directly. So, that they would know your real thoughts. Show them if you are mad. Not by exposing it and made bad thoughts about them. Look, if we already know our mistakes, what's the point of reprimanding someone, who really tries to understand their mistakes? Forget it already, and forgive them. People can be really strict but as much as they get upset at you, they'll acknowledge our skills in learning in what we did wrong. Be this type of person, so that the last dinner that you'll have that night, will taste out of this world. And you my dear are a beautiful person in and out, alhamdulillah.

But now case is close,
All is well