Monday, 12 August 2013 //

Here's a little tattle tale from me to you, so come around in circle and listen in blue.
First of Raya,
Well we got our jaws down and pack ourself with full set of pink purplish baju raya well, its pretty and i like it. Went for solat raya etc and ate stuff yeah. Then online di pagi raya and then head to kampung. Oh yeah there was a car ni, ya allah, terbakar lebur hancur cair. Nasib orang dalam tu selamat. and we were stuck on the freaking highway for 5 hours, oh kesian ayahkku. and then malam raya! It was freaking fun all the bombs in the midair was pretty and sure loving it, its pretty and when its pretty, its pretty-lah and here's a video about mercun

Second of Raya,
Aww yesterday was an adventure, it was fun and today its a little bit dizzy and cold but well fun is apart of it. We went for cameron but we went for beraya around the village too before going to freaking cameron, kampung dekat situ semua modern sudah, haha. but its good, the villlage is good.

Third of Raya,
Yay a day in cameron, we shop shop and we eat eat eat, enjoying the cold breeze which literally turn my body upside down, well it was worth it anyway and we went home and eat again. Malas pula nak tulis haha. Makngah and the geng even came to our house today, best!
Fourth of raya,
well birthday sapa lah harini, anyway it was seriously awesome, pagi2 bangun play this track on 8trakcsdotcom call happy birthday, oh sweet melodies of indies surround the room. Wear pretty clothes and etc and having the day start with kopek bawang and then Syahirah came, oh she's lovely. The only friend that came to my party it was great, but tak terlupa yang wish dekat facebook, habbo, twitter and skype. Korang was so sweet gila, ya noe? Ingat lagi baru pukul 12 tepat Syira was singing me bday song and then bertukar pula ke ayu and dani, they were singing me a birthday song dengan suara merdu dieorang, tergoda i dengan ala ala doraemon punya suara. And Hadi and Makmur was singing and everyone keep giving gifts on habbo and in real life. It was a lovely day.