Monday, 25 February 2013 //

Stuck myself flat on my bed, eyes glued to the white ceiling as the fans are turning around in circle, probably wondered what time was it, the morning was too calm to be honest. it was Monday  why am i not in school? the sun shines, tried to moved my body.. that ache, badly. gosh, the pain is still there. Mucus keeps flowing, grateful that it wasn't that bad than yesterday.
Time passes, read some manga and wondering. The house today was too quiet, too quiet. Remembering Aleisya, where has she's gone? She should be here. Anywhere here but she wasn't. Maybe just maybe, she's with Mama's and Abah's. Since they are not here and since everyone went to school. At least, two souls is comforting me here. Spent entirely today, with a bad sakit pinggang, pardon me for being a nenek. At least, Dream Team and Running man were there to make Monday happen. Seongjo is in slump these days, always anticipating for kitty to actually completed the race, it was lovely how Ricky actually gives him the chance. And 'bright eyes' taeho keeps stealing people's heart away with his perseverance and glares.
Waiting and waiting someone on Skype, asked how great was people reaction about the painted door, its good how people compliment about it since we put 'hardwork' in it. Even the spelling was a little messed up, we can always hide the mistakes, its not that messed up. we can always repair the little mistakes.
What's more, today, i keep questioning myself, i used to do that? and I've thought and thought, without my past self, there's no way i could overcome this. your past self is important. never forgot who you used to be. And now, lets do this thing called homework. This thing is simple. But it keeps abusing my free time. And i don't enjoy things taking my free time so better do now.