Monday, 25 February 2013 //

if i could go to the past or the future which would i pick?
if. if questions again. but then the word if. already mean big to me. if. if i can do this. if i can do that. thinking like this, always make myself to being greedy. greedy, why i couldn't do that and why they could do that but i can't? the word if always related with the word will and the questions why, what and how. 
so, if you could go to the past or the future, which would you pick?
uttermostly, my past was love and war between my own self. and my future will be love and war between myself with the world. so if i would pick which, i would pick 'past' its not like i want to try changing my past. I want to live what my past has been as it was before. Not trying to changing anything. because if it does, i wouldn't be here typing, i wouldn't be here and if i wouldn't be here right now, then what am i doing right now? will i reconsider to not choose the past? why would i do that? how to return to thing that it used to be? and the future it scares me, but the future is amazing it could be your ugliest dreams or your tremendous success.