Friday, 4 January 2013 //

Dear Diary, 
How was your day? Did you smile today? New Year eve means everything to me, right from i woke up till 4am; of the first of January 2013. Start the day with panicking about why am i still not buying my school books yet, but of course everything is alright, now. And before the midnight i met my cousin for the last time for 2012. Met Makngah and her clansman, Uncle Jo came and stay the night with us. We ate till 10pm. Hearing fireworks from back of our house but unfortunately we can't see anything and play Habbo Hotel. Spend the new year eve with my lovelies virtual friend who i really hope i will see them in real life (or probably we have seen each other but since we don't know each other face so.. yeah anyway) I can't believe i am going to be seventeen these year. Like literally seventeen like hello, i am a growing adult now, meyh. lol "growing adult" lol. okay. whenever i say something about me being a growing adult i just can't seem to deal with it since the form 1 girls in my school are about the same height or just a little taller than me, what are their parents have given to their children. It wasn't like this before when i was in shah alam the form 1's looks like they are in standard 4 or 3 or something but then they grow up so tall when they were in form 4, ah well. I slept around 4am its pretty much because we're celebrating new year in habbo and having a goodbye party and hiatus moment because of spm. oh yeah, Happy New Year! or should i say Happy SPM Year?!?!!!
So new year morning was a breeze, i guess the most inspiring part of the new year morning was, doing the laundry, the skies was blue and pretty, the breeze was calm and warm. its a perfect morning. and we even have uncle as guest, first and last guest, maybe? heh
Now for school, came as usual saw all the TALL form 1's, one of them say "Hi" to me maybe because he thought i was from form 1 and i wasn't wearing my badge or nametag. He even said "Jumpa nanti!" dude, you're going to be shock later if you meet me again. Hang with 5 SNIT girls and was searching for Pu-Chan, Shin-Chan and Bi-chan. can't found anywhere, except for meeting pu-chan sister and her friend was like "awak comellah" omg, my first compliment for the new year, hey cute kid thank you! lol. I dont remember her pretty face well tho, gomene (but well she's cute) Then, met them, hug them. Oh and i walk beside Sha-san too. eto, the face was extremely handsome, idk what is wrong with me (well, of course in other person view, he is not) anyway, he attracts me again but well lets just keep that aside, maybe. We talk about mikoto death. There was so many feelings in one go, "sad", "happy", "tired", "wanna go back home"," i love school", "oh that is so wrong" and more. wwell, anyway, welcome back to school afiqah! 
There's so many things that i learn about in this one whole week. Well i guess you can say that i change a little bit because of the different atmosphere of surrounding that surrounds me, yes. I forgot what  was the feeling before. and i am trying to remember it again its like one of the saying that Momiji, from fruit basket have said 
"But I think... I want to live with all my memories. Even if they're bad memories. Even if they're memories that only hurt me... that I'd rather forget. If I keep them and keep trying, without running away, then someday I'll be strong enough that those memories can't defeat me. I believe that because I want to think that there's no such thing as a memory that's ok to forget."
and i think the teachers these year were great, i believe they were expert and i was really inspired with my physics teacher today, even some say they don't understand what she's saying but (i think) i do, she did say:
"Saya adalah seorang pendidik. Saya bukannya seorang cikgu, kerana cikgu adalah seseorang insan yang mengajar, dapat gaji, balik, tidur. Saya di sini bukan sahaja untuk megajar tetapi untuk medidik kamu untuk masa hadapan"
not actual quote but lets hold on to that and there's another one since our physics marks were not good, she did say
"Your mark is your enemy" 
and we even have majlis pertukaran for our add math and our class/bm teacher last year, they gonna move again, ahh how sad, gonna totally missed them and our add math teacher (last year) did apologize because she was not going to keep teaching us again these year, that was really touching eventhough the speech was strict. Our bm (last year) teacher speech was hilarious, he sure knows how to entertains.
I hope these year will be smooth and please pray for me to be more rajin, that's all i need to be more rajin. Yeah, so that was it! I was thinking what should i make for my azam tahun baru these year or another word, new year resolution, okay, with being more "rajin" i can actually do anything, really, straight A is simple if i was rajin , so that would be it.
These year i will pray to be more rajin