Saturday, 29 December 2012 //

So before everything, assalamualaikum~
Today, was unexpectedly hot and it was 29th of december, yah the day really passed so fast these day. Well, in 2012 earlier year, i really let everything going like really smoothly and slow which made me have the time of my life and yes, it was fun and little by little till the middle of 2012, i really rush everything since we move to a new place, new house, new school, new streets and of course, new things sure are not going.. well not pretty smoothly since i am not to use it yet but! next year! it will be perfectly just like before, calm, lovely, smooth and well.. of course i'll make it fun. Since 2012 is coming to an end, its a great time to reminiscing the past~^-^
ahh~ these one i really can't forget these, from a team who doesn't have any head start to winners. It must be our teamwork since we have really really great bonds of friendship, i wrote it before it sure was hectic: click!
I guess some of my facebook, twitter and tumblr friends already knew that i am head to toe crazy about the new series anime K. It ended anyway and of course i cried. The ending on ep12 was.. well by seeing the preview and the thought of seeing the Red King smiling it made me received a bad omen. and yesterday on friday since the anime, premiere every friday on animax well its over now. All K fandom well including me were mourning about the Red King death. I really can't say anything though and what do i know now, here's a tips on how to make a great anime:
  • Kill everyone favourite character on the very first episode
  • Second, make the protagonist looks like antagonist
  • Third, all the character must be young, handsome, good looking, boys. Never forget megane.
  • Fourth, make the antagoinist never exist till the end of the episode
  • Fifth, kill the most favourite king and the main hero
  • oh never forget for must have a little yaoi moment.

Well if you did remember, i spent literally with my friends decorating the class, creating the class, making the class as a picnic house, and totally had the best seat like one of the main character in anime who sit beside the window and the breeze came in and whispering to your ears. haa~ good times~ click!
Well i didn't remember writing these hear anyway since it was really tiring, let me just tell one of it it was the leadership camp no joke, i really hate the morning routine we have to like run 5 rounds of 3km of jogging and to think about it from the ver first group i was the last one hahah yeah, i hate running. Whaa-- running was like shiibull. Why do we have to run and rush things up when we can like walk take your time, you only live once, yolo! and looking at the scenery rather than huffing and puffing. I prefer huffing and puffing on aerobics better, its not like a dog is aftering me. oh well, and we played what do you call.. er paintball? yeah i was the second one to lost, the mask was really iritating and it hurts since my spectacles collide with the mask, i hate it. but it was really fun no joke and well we lost woohoo! but it was worth it, we dont want to compete again anyway. lol and there's these really big bruise on my hips it didn't hurt but it was really pretty, there's a rainbow on my hips, it was the most incredible thing i see that day. haha, but it is painful tho after the next day and i keep squeezing on it because it was pretty. pft. it dissapeared now bummer.
ahh, no joke. I was really depressed by these time you noe when it was June and we had semester 1 break yeah, without agreed moving yeah it was really sad by the time but when the first day i come to my new school well my depresiion went away tho, the only differences about there and here, the boys were really lively. I am not used talking to guys with the same race as mine. well, only if we noe each other more than 2 years and we met everyday, they're family. I'll talked with them as if they're my bros and uncle. but well it all ends well, gambarimasu!
ahh this was the happiest, that time i really can't let go as my jawatan as "pengawas" since i love my family the most, unexpectedly i come for the camp, it was host by form 5 so its alright and they sang birthday song at ssaas surau, touched i was. ah love them click!
i had no other stories to tell here you guys can refer it here: click!
hoh, no joke. the first thing that i did went i change school was changing the subject well of course it was hard. I was really glad that i can escape account tho //it was hard// so i get to choose whether only science class or science it class. Well of course my pick first was only science class and if i can i would like pick IT but i was really worried to take the additional Bio paper and whats more plus IT, so i had to think about it. so for me who have no knowledge about bio come ready to the exam with 30% knowledge? lol but well since everyone fails too, phew~ and ended up with Science IT, i am really happy with the class now. Everyone was badass? hahaha good it was.
It was my last trip with my friend, it was great of course and Pn. anita was there too ^^ click!
Great, it was. The day feels like hari raya, can't describe how tho. They were really really different but the ahjumma and ahjussi still looks the same tho. Everyone change but i guess some knows me as the "11 years Agirl" and some who i just got close knows me as the "Adult Agirl"

Well wishing you guys a great new year! //tahun baru orang inggeris, that's it pft//