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today i would like to share a tale...
it was 22nd of december, ah tiring it was and lovely it was but overall of the day it was superb. Alhamdulillah, it was a great day. The morning doesn't start very well, not very-lah but a little. sedikit-sedikit?   eheh, i promised my lovely niece to take me off around 8am but then guess what time did i woke up, right after when she rang my house bell. My first word of the day "Was that Pak Teh?!" shouting i was, i change my clothes and washed my face little bit and ran to le car. Saying sorry i was, well i did drawing last night till late night, because i was excited of the day. Because of me, we missed the first train. it was pretty confusing tho, since this is my first time traveling from Seremban KTM. Its.. well pretty mahal from Shah Alam's maybe  shah alam was a little nearer? oh well, i didn't bath you see, so thanks to the perfume that i left in my handbag, saves the day, totally. The train arrived on exact 9am, so off we went and this was my first trip alone with my niece too, i was extremerly excited, here a picture of us, kawaii yeoja
aren't we the most adorable, lol. ahh~ lovely memories captured! good job, Afiqah. after that, we arrived KL Central. To be honest, i am really dumb when it comes here but alhamdulillah, allah shows me way and we find a way, i dont why but chinese guys are getting handsome and more handsome these days. ehe. so, we arrived KLCC, yay! horray! eksaited-to! but then oh my god, the line was etremerly long, longer than last year, i did arrived early last year around 9am but then this year i arrived on 10 lebih so.. it was extremerly long..
RIGHT ON 1PM, WE GOT THE TICKET DAMMIT QUEUE SO LONG SUCKERS, calm down afiqah, okay. so after the freaking long queue, well u noe, its SHOPPING TIME, wohoo! so many things to buy, last year i really dont like the you know "doujin booth" but this year i love it so much i mean like there's doujin about K SaruMisa, ahh i become friends with the booth seller, she was chinese and such a lovely women, well she is fujoshi tho haha. She let me read it free and we still contacting together and to think that she was one of my tumblr followers, i got lucky, ehe. The doujin was good of course. I did drawing on a booth where you can draw freely and there's these malay girl was like "omg, weh ada orang pakai hijab doh dekat situ." Ahh, don't make me shy shylah ehe~ And then there's this little shop that sellf hibari keychain the size of the keychain was as big as nenderoid and what's more it was well done and it cost only RM8. Ah, i love the shopkeeper they were all malays and they really glad to meet us both. Then there's this K Straps selling, at first i thought about buying Fushimi and Yata-chan straps, i really ship them both but then.. i don't know Mikoto just attracted me maybe because of the preview of Episode 12, Mikoto was smiling and i had bath omen about that... i feel like crying.. T^T so i bought mikoto and yata-chan straight away. I thought of giving Syahirah the Mikoto-chan straps but after watching the last episode of K, i don't know whether to give to shi-chan (syahirah) or not.... T^T after shopping and shopping met the Zuhairi's family, totally hugged Shazleen at the time, I was like really really really really really miss her, we really spent 2012 like really really together. but too bad i didn't get too eat Aween's bento, she was cosplaying these and it was like the main attraction
the right one was aween and the left one was joey(?) i think? i met him before tho.. oh well. after that we went more shopping! Shopping for K is done now to shopping for Fairy Tail, I dont get it why is the freaking tshirt so not affordable, oh man better bring more moneynext year, oh well bought this and that, and its time to take a rest it was just one hour walking around and we didn't even get to the stage.. //bummer// took a rest about 40 minutes drinking, and watching all cosplayer walking and passing by, say who's good looking, who's not. after rest i can't just stay back gotta take more photo, the word of the day for me was like "Heyy, can i take your picture?" guess what i met Yata and Kuroh too. oh my, i feel like fainitng but then when i took pcture with Yata-chan cosplayer she was.. really small... and for me being short and small. i feel really big and fat..... i feel abused with how big i look and when i took photo with Kuroh cosplayer.. i was.. abused too.. she was really flawless, a real beauty.. i feel like a fat potato. really. and during our way back I MET KEITH AND KAORU AGAIN omoooo i was like "can i take your picture, together?" Kaoru face was like in a rush face but she was really cute and Keith was like "come on lets take picture" liddat //not actual words// and i can't believe i heard their voices too, lol fangirl mode. and the picture turned out perfect too. I just love it so much, precious photo. I look skinny again in that photo lol. And we head back, we didn't even go to the stage and watch competition and danny choo too T^T awh shucks. when we got back i saw Lucy so i ran to them for pictures. I can't believe beside Lucy is Gray and both of them was very pretty and handsome. When i asked them to pose showing their fairy tail logo, they were like okay but Gray's fairy tail logo was slightly bland, and at the time he was showing it was bland, he slightly take his clothes a little back and he was showing the logo but it looks as if he was showing his nipple, omo ottoke, you pervert. afiqah. hahahaha okay. It was really good picture since it was outside not inside the convention and the photo went really great, here a proof:
and tada tada we went home, it was around i dont care what time was it. we rode the wrong train first lol, but alhamdulilah during the second stop we got the right train and we're back to kl sentral again and rode the ktm till Seremban. Ahh such a great day. To all my friends who i have been invited to go with me and no one actually came >3< oh well but let me just say IT WAS GEREAT!!! too bad, tsk tsk you guys didn't come ehe, oh well peace yo ^-^v

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