Sunday, 25 November 2012 //

my head hurts. i did some thinking, a lot maybe probably about the past or the future or overlap. i don't know, what if, well, wont it be just sad, that one day i'll probably be old and there's a time that i probably talk about my life now, my teenage life. i'll be like "you know that teacher that teach us.. ah well.." or "do you remember that weird name that we make up together to name your crush? ah.. what was it." then you stop yourself and then laugh and say "hahaha i dont remember" won't that be just sad.. i wonder well more like i am waiting to feel that feeling because that kind of feeling is the same as i am now, trying to remember my elementary year, it was a great year. well, it is a bit no a lot different now but then when i grow up, will i feel the same? there is so many feelings that i want to feel later in the future because i knew it wouldn't come now, those feeling i never felt before. how was it? i did so much thinking my head hurts. i guess, this is the same feeling that i once felt before it was at the end of the year and it was about this time of year too or was it early this year? i guess it was the second one, i think. hahah, i don't remember... its sad. i wonder why we forgot and then remember again or we forgot and continue to be forgotten. why?