Tuesday, 23 October 2012 //

                Friday was such a busy day, well not in the morning though. Morning was great. It was such a great day anyway and as usual rain falls in the evening, um anyway whatever, so this is my story.
                It was a seriously long journey for me to get to Shah Alam, mama, my queen helped me sending off hallway but well you see, it is still far away from the place anyway so.. Then, Teacher F came by and saved the day but more like wasting the time, we did wonder off somewhere before we head to shah alam, it tooks us 2 hours to arrived, there and alas, i arrived. The person that i was in touch with was Haziq, alhamdullilah that they were already there. If they weren't at the lobby at that timem I won't know where should i go anyway haha. So, before the dinner actual start, we are left to decorate the place, i have to brag about this, i make such good balloon decoration but pei chee and i was so lazy so we didn't hang it up on the stage but oh well.. but the balloon decoration was like so good, good. omg i am so in designing the partythings, wait i am good in designing. ok stop flattering yourself and so this is a picture of us before:
                And then the party goes on with seriously dinner time! since our sporting cool headmaster came out late, due to tiredness. poor her. we got a lot to cover with the stuff and things, thank you but technical difficuties were still there helping it to make our moves slower. it may not be one of the best night but still we did our best!
                  but i wasn't there till the end though and they don't even made me a plaque for my exco seranta position. me so sad, (dah afiqah jangan nak mengedik) oh well i guess my duty of being a ssaas prefects will be signing off on 20th october 2012. Thank you, you guys. I learn a LOT. and thank you to the teachers too, i still remember the day when i was chosen to be apart of it. Azra was calling me to follow her and ended up to be questioned "why do you want to be a prefects?" i don't know what the hell is going on but i guess i just played on with it and bleh who knows it was one of the best memories of ups and downs ever. High School memories are sure are the best <3