Friday, 14 September 2012 //

today i woke up realizing the thing that i have been searching the thing that i have miss out, it was the freaking laugh.  i never knew how my laugh is so important like seriously. i don't even picture before that my laugh was missing. its like... it went to its own candy land or something and isolated itself. but i'm sure glad it did because the meditation is working and the sweet sugary path that it went to come back home here to me sure made it extra creamier. the laugh is coming back and now my prison monochrome world is slowly fading away and there it feels good, not just like really really good. everything looks much nicer, and daffodils. everyone is like an ice cream with strawberry on top and everyone turned beautiful and cool. everything is much cooler these days and i can even differentiate if someone is mad out of mad or just good scolding. and what's up with adults underestimating teens. whether we are older and younger even how hard the task is, why can't you like just accept us and we will be like "wow gee thanks bring it on" is 'experience' is the way how adults argue back? so everyday, before i went back to sleep i always ask myself "so dude, man what did you learn today?" do you know Jojo's circus? yeah, do you know every each episode before it end they will be like singing "so jojo what did you bla bla say what have you learn today bla bla bla-" so i've been putting up that tricks into my everyday life and every episode she learns something, so there is a day that i'll be like a dead man. nothing. i haven't learn nothing. so i just move on and pretend that day never existed before. but then how many day have i wasted? won't that would be like stupid so yeah.
so um talking about today we got sambutan merdeka raya at my new school but wow compared to my old school. man, you know when it comes to raya i only come because of free food and the boys in baju melayu with those cute sampin :kipas diri sendiri: woh friggin handsome but i am so jealous with my old school they have kuih, satay and all that sweet delicious raya food stuff and here we just get an orange drink and a packet of just rice with chicken sambal. its good but but uh.. im so jealous of my old school, my friend was like "man y u no come you missing out the food" like SHUT UP MAN (shut up okay) but its good, the jawline guy being blue is looking good, so no regrets just plain SUPERB HOT (bagaikan cacing kepanasan di perhimpunan) great day today so well yeah. assalamualaikum. till next time.