Thursday, 6 September 2012 //

hello there, assalamualaikum,
sorry i haven't write for a long time. well its not like i forgot about my blog or something its just i think i forgot how to write and its not like my life is not interesting now, its just it doesn't worth sharing because maybe because um i am not happy? well but i am pretty sure i am alright. but its okay, i am now in search of my happy place, it will be alright, i'll be back just fine. don't you worry. yeah, i did lost myself these days and a friend said to me: you should show yourself more. well, i can't show you myself when i am not myself. its wrong. and you know i think i can actually do this, yes. i'll be back just you wait for it, i'll be afiqah back but first i need to find something and its a part of myself. something is surely missing. that is why.