Epilogue 11: Ko-akademik results
Monday, 16 April 2012 //

and as i promised the photo of Albert Einstein that I made from pertandingan buat topeng but sadly tak menang T_T model belakang tu Lina menyibuk lol. Well anyway to the topic.

"Hullay! Hullay!" We got our prize for winning the Explorace! Awh, man it was wonderful, yes it was. We got the most biggest hamper from all the prizes on the stage and on top of them there's candy in it. Ugh you guys know how we act when we were sugar high. Our sugr high disease always started with Lina. Mula lah dia dengan gelak "heh. her her hehehe heheehehe hehehe" and then I started poking her and then both of us will start laughing like a horse with no reason and then Shazleen join us becoming the trio fools, laughing hysterically as we can be and on top of that we won on Gubahan competition, at the third place, seriously wait pause here's come a "Wowwy?" seriously? I thought we would lose. I mean dieorang punya were very pretty with lace all over but Lina and I made something from a kain batik to form a Gubahan Lipatan. To those who doesn't know what it is you can certainly with pleasure google it. And ssh, this is only for my readers, to be honest I am writing a love story about threes cute couple and pile up onto a book. I haven't let anyone read it for know. Just finish writing the Chapter 1. I had this thought of sharing it here. Well, till later.