Epilogue 10: What a drag...
Monday, 16 April 2012 //

Another week aite, I wonder if it'll be hectic as last, i'm pretty sure it will be hectic with homework this week. Today, just wanna share with you reader that I am biased with this guy. Shikamaru need to be stop being a sexist, seriously. wearing thing like green stocking clothes, should i even call it clothes? Showing off his body, eheh~ >o< and much more his voice is very seductive well more to the English Seiyuu. Gah, his voice is beautifully traumatizing (+3+) well onto the real topic, i've been watching this episode of Shikamaru; he was about to kill by 8 ninjas but Asuma you smoking freak were so cool for saving Shikamaru, keh heh~ and he did say this lines of words

"[Thinking] Sigh...I used to really want to be just an average ninja making an average living... Marry a regular girl who's not super pretty, or super ugly, have two kids, a girl and then a boy... Retire when my daughter got married and my son successfully became a ninja...and then just spend the rest of my life playing Shogi or Go, a carefree and leisurely retirement...dying of old age before my wife...that's the life I wanted... And yet I ended up exerting myself...so unlike me...even though I wanted to reach the end of my life like a regular guy... I had to go and get myself into this tiresome situation..."

Those words inspired me again.