Epilogue 9: Hectic Week
Saturday, 14 April 2012 //

Monday; 9 April 2012
Due to the official opening of Ko-Akademik week. The week is hectic and full of this and here competition.  Well just wanna say we had Majlis Pemasyhuran Pengawas on Monday and it was superb..! But my friends doesn't get a thing what we did because we had paintball gun on our hand and a flying helicopter and they even thought we are a terrorist. hahahaha. but at least us prefects create something unlike before rather than went up to the stage and take the certificate and baca ikrar and I have to say that was the longest pointless perhimpunan. Its not because of the majlis pemasyuran ko-akademik or pengawas; it was because there's this i dunno Ceramah Pengguna and I don't think the one who conduct the ceramah really gave a fuck with us student and so are we. Thank goodness its over.

Tuesday; 10 April 2012
Tadaa, here we are without zero talent of making Gubahan entered ze competition and the teachers even say "Wah, baguslah kamu ni mesti dah lama belajar buat ni" and I replied "Memang dah lama dah cikgu" and whispered to Lina "Dah lama dah semalam baru nak belajar, lol" well but anyway we did it but we were discouraged a little well maybe a lot by looking at others gubahan. At least we did try our best.

Wednesday; 11 April 2012
I have to say "Hurrrayyyyyy! for Holiday" but need to finish Sivik project. Came to Nadzirah's house at 9.30 am and reading this really awesome 1100 pages of "I forget what the title is" malay novel. It was a good book well except the fact that Johan *the character in the book* drank a wine of wiski. Lina came at 10.30 am and then I don't even know how, Nadzirah's house have turned to a Book Club. Each of us spent 2 hours of reading but with a little Big Bang in it. hewhew and we watch "Kembar Siang" on Astro Citra such a cute story :3 Shazleen came at 2pm. YAY FOR 2PM! lol, and we've done Sivik project with a little, wait no a lot of kpop with it and running man. Yeah, to be honest we haven't done a thing on Sivik Project but we did make the video and speech but not the thing that have to done on the manila card so in conclusion:
  • Sivik Project: Failed.

Thursday; 12 April 2012
Its time, its the day of ze Explorace that was constructed by Mister Fahmi and Mister Mansor. Okay we had our own ups and downs before we're on the top. So let just say a person came to our class and say "Siapa nak masuk explorace tulis nama" without telling us the rules and anything, just write the name. So Afiqah and the gang came as cheerful as we are to the entry of starting line of the game and then Cikgu kata "Siapa kumpulan yang tak cukup 8 orang tolong keluar, anda menyusahkan kami" a moment of silence of jawdrop, the heck we need to have 8 freaking member?! Okay we have me, Lina, Shazleen, Khatijah, Nadzirah, Nisa and Nazeha now and Ya Allah Nisa go called Anis noww! Fuh, okay 8 team member is here! Yeah, now we're up to the game but wait... "Sekarang siapa yang tak bawak 8 naskah surat khabar dan 8 botol air, kamu akan dikeluarkan" A long gediks "Whutttt?" is out from all of us, no wonder everyone brought surat khabar and everything. Guhh, as fast as ligtning Nisa and Anis ran and walk and ran to the library to get newspapers. Teeth clinging hard as we waited for them, y'know from our school Astaka Pendeta and Library is very far. Mission 1 completed and guh blah blah blah we have to find words, letters, the history of SSAAS, quotes from all over SSAAS, the searched of checkpoint, the water bottle game and the newspaper game was pure hard. and yatta! We got 3rd place but wait its not the end, hurray for another chance to get first. Its the finale, En. Fahmi gives us 15 minutes to solve a riddle containing 8 question. The content of question 3 to 8 was nonsense and absurd, tiba tiba ada pasal "atom fotosintesis bila kamu hembus, kira jumpa km/h antara gunung A dan B" lol. last2 dekat soalan ke-8 "Pergi beli nescafe cari nombor plat ni and then jumpa tuan dia bagi nescafe bla bla bla blah pergi ke masa post security and below the table you have a letter each for your group ketinggian blah blah" as i read that as fast as lightning terus serang tempat Makcik Guard and selongkar meja dekat situ and awkwardly makcik guard and a boy there watched us for the search of the letter lol you guys should see your face, serius kelakar. Then come another riddle " Berapa kalikah masa ditekankan dalam soalan 1-8?" We wrote 15 minute, it was wrong. We even tried wrote 15 divided by 8 for every each questions, another wrong for us and more more wrong for us and then when we read it again "berapa kalikah masa ditekankan" and we realized in the first finale mission the word "masa" were nonsense in the letter and it showed up 9 times anddd finally we were right! and first place to us the VIP team. Four hours of running around SSAAS conclusion:

  • We won in the Explorace competition. VIP team is the best!

Friday; 13 april 2012
Tired face is all over the place. Cramped legs due to not warming up before the explorace, ugh and I am writing this on Saturday and my leg still hurts. Today, we have Pertandingan membuat topeng and bengkel jahitan. I've made Albert Eintein and Lina made Al-Khawzini the father of Algebra for the mask competition. The theme was "Tokoh Matematik dan Sains Dunia" am waiting for Shazleen to post the photos so that I can show you guys my readers here in my blog. and i've made a kuma pouch for bengkel jahitan. I have to say it looks quite ugly but others say its cute; am not satisfied. Well, thank goodness it wasn't a competiton. Suprisingly, Shazleen is really good in this. 

Right back at ya,