Epilogue 2: Dearest brother
Monday, 2 January 2012 //

Dear @iCorresmans bad?! BAD?! Are you fucking kidding here, dude? You're not serious? You are not just bad and you are not kind either (╬.╬)You are just despicable, idiotic, racist stupid big brother, heh! pssht, just kidding! After those holiday that we've been through together? Bad? THAT WAS THE BESTEST HOLIDAY THAT I HAVE SPEND WITH YOU EVER!  ngeheheh, its been great and wonderful and thanks for all of your support last year, it helps me seriously a LOT! and to that gay guy song, I will stand up for that and you must do too! Cheers to the loveliest brother in the world  ヾ(・∀・)ノ゙  
Today, I woke up as usual at 4am, wait that's not usual and then went back to sleep after 5 minutes of golek golek atas katil and woke up at 8. I ate nasi lemak and played with my little siblings and you know someone is missing. I tried my best to not to cry and i watch Eat, Pray and Love, then i was meditating myself for an hour and bla bla bla I was bored and *ugh, again an "and"* I tried to do my 366 days doodle project and then there's this kind of mummy thingy doll on my table that made my eyes drop to tears. The tears was good. My first tears of 2012 was good. I guess, this two little mummy will be my new talking partner since my brother went to college and I am alone again. As for the heart thing, I can't accept that because my heart have always belong to my family, so who needs another heart, aye? This post sucks, literally.
Best wishes and love and kisses and hugs from me, 
I woove you +.(´・∀・)ノ゚+.ダー☆