Epilogue 1: Happy New Year
Monday, 2 January 2012 //

Assalamualaikum minna-san. Tikki-tikki tock and weeee, Happy New Year! Ogenki desuka? 2011 have been terrific don't they? Fuwaa, I miss my form 3 days like crazy. \[#<>#]/ so how did you celebrate your new year? Mine have been fine, pleasant but seriously boring. I slept late on NYE because I was celebrating with my friends on twitter and facebook, I am lifess, I know so urusai! The fireworks at iCity was simply amazing. My family and I went to Empire Shopping before the countdown of new year, we've stop and eat at Nyonya Colors, the dry me curry was simply yummy! My last meal of 2011 was good. Any Marianas Trench fans here? I am totally their fans now! I love their music <3 Oh, did you guys realise how bright it was outside eventhough it is already past seven? Subhanaallah. I guess i'll be lonely from tomorrow onwards. My brother will be going back to le college. No friends to play, talk, shout and quarrel to at home, le sigh. Imma made today sigh to be my tomorrow smile, gambatte Afiqah! Last year, I was celebrating new year with my Animal Crossing, NDS game. Cute 2D fireworks. Such a lifeless brat. Matte! I totally forgot about above picture. As you can see all those things is my 2011 treasures. I hope I will make more treasures for this year!
p/s: I am totally talking to myself in this post, so do ignore. Ha. Ha What is life. Hah. Ending this post with an awkward laugh, sayonara! Ha.