Thursday, 18 June 2015 //

I dreamt of the sky smothered the earth with blazing stars. It twinkle in striking colors, it was sublime; Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. Each star gave a mischievous wink to its audience below. The night sky was exciting to explore, from the moon;shine as beautiful as an elegant swan, surrounded by a million of little stars, twinkling in its moonlight to the shooting stars and to the constellations. It was such a beautiful dream. I even sat down with a bowl of cereal with warm milo to shake of the coldness of the night. The nightscape was beautiful. Everything was. Thank you, Allah for such lovely dream as I woke up for my first sahur of the Ramadhan.

“That black, maddening firmament; that vast cosmic ocean, endlessly deep in every direction, both Heaven and Pandemonium at once; mystical Zodiac, speckled flesh of Tiamat; all that is chaos, infinite and eternal. And yet, it's somehow the bringing to order of this chaos which perhaps has always disturbed me most. The constellations, in their way, almost bring into sharper focus the immensity and insanity of it all - monsters and giants brought to life in all their gigantic monstrosity; Orion and Hercules striding across the sky, limbs reaching for lightyears, only to be dwarfed by the likes of Draco, Pegasus, or Ursa Major. Then bigger still - Cetus, Eridanus, Ophiuchus, and Hydra, spanning nearly the whole of a hemisphere, sunk below the equator in that weird underworld of obscure southern formations. You try to take them in - the neck cranes, the eyes roll, and the mind boggles until this debilitating sense of inverted vertigo overcomes you...”

This is a chance to escape into your dreams, your imagination and see something unexpected," says Director Ricardo Rivera. "To walk through a dream you can’t explain, but when you do, you can only describe what you feel as you experience the garden transform before you. And you're walking right through it."