Saturday, 15 November 2014 //

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, like seriously tho semester break is the best. I totally forgot that I am a student and spend my break being a freak, otaku, ladylike lady in the house but this doesn't end here cause there's still a long break too goo eventhough 28th November is coming. Oh well, better finish my break goals before the new sem is coming. My break goals? Yea it cant be that or any adventurous cause I'm not in a good state. Lol, breathing is hard noawadays and acciddentally made my feet turns purple. Ahh, you can see how clumsy I am now. Yea walking is kinda hard too but ahh everything will be fine before the sem start again. Ohh, I watched Psycho Pass 2 till the fifth episode, it was great. Inspector Tsunemori is truly a human. Lol, I just can't Psycho Pass is somewhat abnormal, well it can actually relate to the future where we are heading to... less tress, more darker spaces cause of the tall, tall building everywhere and technology that challenge the human brain. Lol I just cannot. Man, its the worse and the crime. Tat was even worse. Well and I read a lot of manga too. I guess I can't tell a lot of bedtime stories to my kunoichi and ninja in the future. Oh and I draw a lot! And spent with Ayu a lot too hahah I miss her. Yang lain still busy with exams and semester 2 so its kinda hard to talk with each other "huhu"
Anyway there's this Singapore youtube sensation, the Munah n Hirzi Official or short form it to MHO. They gave me quite a big laugh during my break. Hahaha It was great eventhough its a bit inappropriate, I know Hirzi is sexy n all but he's not that feminine..... I mean down to his legs is sexy but above from his belly to his facce is not sexy at all but in terms of doing parady, HAHAHAHAHA b-bbbambbbb! Funneh, but srsly tho if he just you know man himself, omg heatstroke, so hot n sexy n deli. Munah, ahahahahaha this minah ah i kennot la so purdy i just kennot stand oh and all the Sorority gurls are all pretty hot too, oh i wont forget Hubab. He's deli. Actually Idk what to type, I'm just blabbing about my life rn since I kinda can't walk much n idk what to do. Oh and I am waiting for a video of my cats who did a parody of Caprice - xde hal bro n blah. Lol, iphone app needs more cool video edit, like srsly tho. I dont want to use meipai..... since everyone is using it. Its not cool anymore. It used to be cool tho.. Anyway... I don't think it is uploading ah this suck....