Saturday, 30 November 2013 //

I was so happy back then, I nearly cried. I guess it was the very first time. I learned that it was ok to be me. I learned that somebody actually appreciates my outspokenness. And I said to myself,
I want to be friends with that wonderful person.
You know, the reason why i'm quiet. Its probably because my words are cynical. I get that a lot. Sometimes I say the creepiest things and I try to speak normally but everybody misunderstands me at some point, I was starting to think there was no hope for me but that time, when i thought i had done again, a person had said something left field. I decided that if we became friends. I'd treat you like you were the best thing that had happen in my life. I tent to blurt out everything what my mind had ask me too. Sometimes its just that strange that I stopped. At some point of life, you are what you once wish you weren't. As if you are trap in a shell, and by the time that I realise. I became quiet. One can only dream to escape the pain. But then,
"Honesty is the best policy, aye?"
So, imma let it out whatever i'm going to say and I like the quiet me, now. Its comforting. I'll use this mouth of mine appropriately from now on. And Afiqah, let's not break others heart again.