Epilogue (i don't remember) 22 maybe?
Sunday, 1 July 2012 //

assalamualaikumm, to the muslim and yo, its the first of July yo, i have been thinking (all over june) and its good to let it go here cuz ya know its good.
  • first, i think a bond between women is lovely. no matter how long or how far u are seperated, the next time you meet it will be like it was just yesterday.however for me i think a bond between a man and a women are different. even its just for a day, you can never return to how it was before. That's how a bond of a man and a women in my point of view
  • second, this generation is lack of mystery
  • third, i recently i mean yesterday i just watch ANIMAL CROSSING THE MOVIE and je t'aime luvv it cause that thing have swag. Childhood received for about an hour and 20 minutes
  • fourth, i hate those fake conversation, I am sorry gurl but my swag never teach me to pretend.
  • and you guyss you know how i called you on the phone and said that I AM GETTING SKINNY after i move here at Seremban? LOL NO. I have been eating eating eating and makan macam haih. Saya makin tembam ok, temBAMB-anation, eh.
  • and and six, about how dinousaurs used to exist and after they become extinct, its us next who step in this planet, i got this idea after watching The Tree Of Life movie IT WAS EPIC, i was nganga all the way. After the humans died, what's next? subhanaallah only allah knows.
  • SEVENS, there's no cats. Dogs, dogs everywhere here!!! Where is that 6-11 kg cats, I haven't met them anywhere here. Rare :(
  • and at the first week of le school i went to the period of not having friends IT WAS THE WORST. I don't want to be like how i was in elementary it was dreadful. worst. worst but the great thing is i found new friends! Say hi to Puteri, Shahira, Runa, Hani, Sabrina, Syazwana, Marliana, Anis, Ana and more, nice to meet you weirdos! I like weird people.
  • last i think, after this, I won't put my hopes too high, ajak lah macam mana, plan lah macam mana, aku datang lambat ke or aku tak datang ke, who cares. now when i think again after posting this kind of status i don't just dedicated to Mikhail but to my other friends who have asked me out but about the VERY LAST SECONDS baru nak CANCEL, kejam oh korang.