Epilogue 20: Lifestruck
Saturday, 23 June 2012 //

I really hate what I have written all over my diary, it was dreadful and sad. Its as if I was the worst. Was little afiqah feel down the hole bumped her head and bruised a soul? Its true reality has been a little cruel but i am currently enjoying my life right now, today the weather was calm, it rained today and i was lazing outside of my house and watching the clouds pass by and the smell of rain is just relaxing and i watch the river flow, i love the river not that i really like it but when i look at the shape formed by all the water coming over i become blank and quiet and started to think about myself, what have i achieved with myself these days was i happy? Was it worth it? (the life i mean) and the word "Yes" was all over in my mind and i started to laugh at myself but since i am out in public a simple "tch" made me happy and For awhile after i move here no matter where i went i feel like its a dream, i couldn't hear sounds very well and the city seemed to flicker in black and white. But later i realized, it was because, i was stressed. Stressed about the new things around me, which I wasn't used to. But as soon as i got to know people, it seemed like this place started to filled with colors. "You can talk anything that you want with us" they say, but i wonder if they really mean it. Somehow, just those word themselves make me so happy that i'm full with myself. and i find myself pathetic. a happy one.