Saturday, 28 July 2012 //

goodbye pain, goodbye frown.
for so long i have found again my place, everyday is getting harder, i wonder, are we getting smarter or are we getting stubborn. i can't hardly believe myself, that i am currently walking in the path of becoming an adult. i have never been to reality these days, its a good place but i wouldn’t want to go there again. so about this week, i made a small accomplishment, this was my first week in the new school that i've didn't skip well it was truly because of that special someone. well that special someone can be a boy or a girl, suits yourself to guess. i gain trust and friendship. it was wonderful. i found out about their cute little spaces, i found about their own world. i found the awkwardness between us. friendship is wonderful. nowadays, people start questioning about love. well, i just enjoy watching one from afar, teenagers love, pft such a sad detail. really what are people hoping for anyway? this is my 70th post so yay!