Epilogue 23: little ant
Saturday, 7 July 2012 //

I have this thought of going outside since i was in the house for two days straight, so i started by watching an ant trying hard carrying a king ant alone, i dunno if the little ant want to bring it home and ate the king ant or something but the ant was being hard working for something really useless don't you think so? as i write this the ant was 15cm (nah, i just estimate that) away from me, he was trying hard, i should try hard and do my best too and you. You should join me as well. Then, my queen realise what i was doing and called me to come inside but i refuse, i watched the little ant but then two little ants joined and help him (>///<) suddenly, my king called me to come inside but i refused again. Later, i started to water the grass, a little spark of happiness grew on me it feels like you're giving life to these grass by just watered them. These all started with an idea of going outside and watch as the nature entertain us.

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