Epilogue 5: Holidays
Friday, 16 March 2012 //

This is very weird because it was the very first time that I have a productive holiday. I've spent the first three days at Extreme Park because of the Leadership Camp. I made so many excuses about the camp before it was started, it was merely because

  • The camp was on Friday
  • I had account test on Friday
  • The night before I don't take serious about the test and actually get ready for the camp.
  • I 'think' i just failed my account test with flying colours, darn.

Okay but past is past and the camp was fun and the facilitator there was handsome and cute, kufufufu and enjoyed making new senpai and kouhai there. Its was fun hanging out with Putri, Syahira and Mira.

Later, on the third day of holiday just right after, seriously right after, one hour after I got home from camp. Mom bring us; family to Marriot. How wonderful, three days of tiredness and now this? Surely, the best week ever after five *exams week* plus three *camp* hectic day, three days and two night at Marriot, Putrajaya is just lovely. Literally, I spent the first two days at Marriot sleeping and the next day, shopping around Alamanda.

On Wednesday, I spent the day with Shazleen, Hani and Azra. I miss Azra, really. Its good to see her again. We spent the day at Sunway watching Lorax with Alieef and the uninvited, unexpectedly Adris and Aufa. We bought tooo many sweets and candiess because we're going to have the bezt ever slumber party. It was great and fun and today is Friday and I miss home, I miss my family and my brother will be going to MRSM again tomorrow, Saturday. I'll miss him. I'll miss everyone and parting is lonely.

That's all from me, if you find me in real life don't forget to say HI!
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