Sunday, 17 April 2016 //

She was everything real in the world of make-believe.

I always prefer the word, "and then" and "what if"
I always thought both of this words, were a prelude to something wonderful. Like seeing a star on a wide dark night sky or finding a note in your bag, when you weren't expecting. That swift, suprising transition from nothing to everything.

         "And then"

Two little words that hold a world of promise

And then, i met you guys.
And then, we've become rivers that ever changing, ever flowing and circling the earth with never ending route.

         "What if"

Two little words that make questions the stuff you're expecting

What if, i travel far?
What if, i've secluded myself and never found out, like the moon, everyone has a side of themselves, that is dark, that even star couldn't shine through but still can go one with an attitude that could outshine the sun?