Tuesday, 7 July 2015 //

Since my phone was stolen, I had plenty of fun with myself, I remember those high school days, that I would write a story, draw a plot, read awfully lots of books, did a lot of creative stuffs that happen to cross on my mind on that very time. It was fun. and still is. Today, I experienced entering a competition without my phone on, oh i thought i was bloody dead but Allah s.w.t didn't plan on doing this if I couldn't do it and I make it out, greatly. If I had my phone i would just google out some points ad oh yeah dayum settle, 2 minutes done, meh. Already, lepak chill. And just taunt people and provoke other people with my shitty confidence level, I have to say my confidence level is shitty is not that I am not confident about myself, its particularly cause I can be too confident which lead me to major world destruction of myself, which make me feel like to throw my shoes on somebody else face but I am to kind to do so, yes it feels like that. But phew alhamdulillah I stands as the Government Whip, omg you know this is the ctually the first time I did British Parliamentary and damn-lah, I never heard of a freaking whip, so what I do know after listening to the lecterurs and listening to the seniors good damn, they're so nice and fun to be with, The whip are suppose to rebuts the points of the opposition, meh so I jot down everything the point that I can rebutt and i thought I was doing damn nice, cause my teammates, ((we have 2 teams in the same side in British Parliamentary kan)), they were like freaking clapping and what do you say ah ketuk ketuk the table and laughing and the opposition team were like so dam quiet except for 1 fellow which confident lever over the top cause shes been to national debate before, thats why lah. Idk why she POI my journal when we talk about facebook beneficial, aiya so weird, I wasnt thinking at that time, damn nervous, I only think about the stuffs that I want to rebutt on my head, but haish at the end the lecterur say I didnt whip, yes i rebut but i also gives out opinion, lol i dont remember what i said before when i was talking but i maybe some of my rebutal are more of an opinion idk lah, they gave me 60 point only.. whoa my first lowest score during debate. Haa, nampak tak confidence shitty one, serious hard to control its either I have shitty confidence strike or that girl who sit at the corner just shut up and look at everyone doing stuff and I dont know who to talk to so I just make super awkward eye contact with people and ok what am i doing here. Yea, me.