Friday, 2 August 2013 //

Secara jujur, i like meeting those adults that makes me feel small, worthless and stupid. not literally. There’s a reason why i buka these statement because adults these days doesn’t seem to care, instead of actually protecting what they have been stand for with their generation, i dont know why they like to be ya know as one of our generation. I like those adult that make me small, its like the feeling when you came to someone’s else punya rumah when you were a kid and you were playing with your jiran and then when their dads/moms came back you were like just sitting there, bows to them or be polite. I like that kind of control that the adults had shown to me. I like that strict area. I like how I feel so small beside them and I can’t do anything but just following their orders or just smile at them. That kind of adult dah berkurang sekarang, they tend to not care now. or less. maybe. I like those adult that is wise with words. it makes you the most pathetic person in the world but at the same time, it was a motivator from a demotivator. That kind of adult that you will go home or talk back too, “eei, menyampah aku dengan uncle tu, kau tengoklah suatu hari nanti… bila aku berjaya nanti!” that kind of adult, its inspires me the most. I like that kind of adult. One day, maybe. not a strict one, might be slightly nonchalant but wise.